Search Engine Optimization

White Hat optimization that increases visibility and traffic

In order to have a successful web presence, your website must be optimized correctly and free of gimmicks. A proper methodolgy requires careful analysis of your business, your market, and your message.

Organic Optimization

Having a website doesn’t mean much if no one can find you. I assure that every line of code is developed and every pixel is designed to boost the relevancy of your business within the realm of search engines. By distinctly creating internal and cyclical linking within your own website (and other marketing avenues), I create instinctive pipelines and content maps for search engines and customers alike.

Content Relevancy

Today’s web is all about providing relevant information. To make your website complete in your commerce efforts, it must also be marketable and properly funnel traffic that truly matters. In order to relay your message to your audience, you not only have to have effective keywords in place, you must also use them within proper context of the message itself. Every webpage should have a guided focus and its content should be designed to support and boost its premise.

Semantics in Development

Gone are the days of loading up your pages with keywords and hoping for the best. Increasing visibility is now about designing around clear content that provides true value to your visitors. Clean code, user-friendly navigation, responsive design, and clear content flow are all requisites of Google's ranking system. To say that SEO is complex is an understatement, but I'll do my best to simplify it for you, create a solid foundation, and instruct you on how to gain and maintain page rank.

Targeted Traffic

By studying and effectively identifying your most important demographics, I shape the premise of both your content and focus to target the audience (and their desires) that matters most. By focusing your efforts, I create campaigns that relate specifically to focused groups and thus increase interest and potential sales.